Lipscomb Peace Pantry/Alacena de la Paz en Lipscomb


Lipscomb is partnering with the Woodrow Wilson High School Peace Pantry to supplement meals and provide healthy snacks and uniforms for students in need.


Lipscomb está participando con la preparatoria Woodrow Wilson en su programa de alacenas, Peace Pantry, para complementar las comidas y proveer refrigerios saludables, además de uniformes para estudiantes necesitados.




1.) Donate to the pantry!   All funds will be used to purchase items for distribution to families in need.

¡Haga donaciones directas a la alacena!  Todo lo recaudado será usado para comprar artículos para distribuirlos a las familias que lo necesiten.


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You can donate directly to the PTA, so we can purchase items needed by the school.
You can donate directly to the PTA, so we can purchase items needed by the school.
Donate here so we can buy items to stock our Peace Pantry and help our students and families thrive.



2.) Shop our Amazon Wish List!  - items will be shipped directly to a volunteer that will stock the pantry! The list will be updated regularly with priority given to items needed the most!

¡Pagando por productos en nuestra lista de compras de Amazon! Haga una búsqueda con las palabras “Lipscomb Peace Pantry” - sus compras serán enviadas directamente a un voluntario que se encargará del inventario de la alacena. La lista será modificada regularmente para dar prioridad a los artículos de más necesidad.



Shop on your own!  Using our Amazon Wish List as a shopping guide, feel free to purchase items from other retailers. Items can be dropped off directly in the school office.

¡Haga compras por su cuenta! Usando nuestra lista de compras de Amazon como guía, puede comprar los mismos artículos en otras tiendas. Puede dejar los artículos que haya comprado directamente en la oficina de la escuela. 


3.) Volunteer! 


Each week we need 56 bags filled with various foods to send home with students on Fridays.  You can go to the office between 12 pm on Monday and then 8 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Thursday to sign in and get the key to the Peace Pantry Closet.  Then you can make as many bags as you would like to sign up for in increments of 10.  The food will be in the pantry and the list of what each bag needs by 12 pm on each Monday.  We need the bags ready by Thursday at 4 pm (or Wednesday on the weeks where we are off on Friday.)  LIPSCOMB STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE TEACHERS' LOUNGE OR PEACE PANTRY ROOM!  All volunteers must complete training at  Thank you! Click on the picture to the left to sign up.


4.) Follow the Peace Pantry on Facebook and Instagram


 Follow us on social media and you can get alerts to our immediate needs.








Please contact lipscombpeacepantry@gmail.comto learn about more ways you can help.

¡Participe como voluntario! Sírvase contactar para saber más sobre cómo puede participar voluntariamente. saber más sobre cómo puede participar voluntariamente. 



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